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In the meantime, I became a real estate agent, a day trader, an insurance agent with Primerica, started a media company, and joined Amway, along with several other multilevel marketing companies. All efforts to help God along the way.

Eight years had passed and I failed at each and every venture. Although I was now earning a six figure income in the hotel industry, each promotion tied me to a 9—5 lifestyle that I could never fully embrace. I was destined to become a billionaire, so help me God… then they fired me. I reasoned my newfound freedom was a gentle nudge from God to detach me from my comfort zone.

Although I was scared, I was even more excited.

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Then it came! Over the course of 2 weeks, God gave me vivid dreams of not one, but two ideas, Upload Studios, and Professional Address. I sought the counsel of the most successful person I knew at the time, Jem Pagan, who worked for Oracle. I explained both business concepts to him, and while impressed with both, he suggested I pursue Upload Studios first.

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With a start like this, surely I will be a billionaire in no time I thought. That was about 10 years ago.

VISION: 4 Keys to Realizing God’s Vision for Your Life

Microsoft bought it after I let it expire, and UploadStudios is now a part of their Xbox family. Returning to the workforce was the hardest and most depressing moment of my life. I took a job as a security supervisor for New York Presbyterian Hospital. I did this for 3 years and hated every moment of it.

I was 35 years old… OLD!!! Now if you do not know the story about Joshua my name and the promised land, I highly encourage you to read it here , but to make a long story short, the walls came crashing down. This was my sign from God, He was finally taking me into the promised land after all those years in the wilderness.

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The program was for minorities who had an idea, but did not have the resources or know-how to get it off the ground… ME ME ME!!! The first three days were really tough. My childhood friend, Stephanie Massiah , covered the entire bill. Was I in for a rude awakening! Not only was there no such thing as a mysteriously generous VC in a restaurant on Sand Hill Rd awaiting me with a million dollar check, but the NewMe accelerator turned down my application as well.

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My whole world came crashing down fast and furiously. What now??? They said I needed at least a wireframe, and preferably an MVP minimal viable product. I went from fear to panic, to depression, to immobile. And then I remembered what God told the other Joshua…. The more you see yourself leading in the boardroom, launching your own business, serving in ministry, writing your first book, or helping others through your gifts, the sooner it'll become a reality. Before a vision becomes clear, God gives us glimpses of it - like a picture developing from a soft hue into sharp resolution.

Visions of God and Our Vision of God

So take your vision and run with it. Let it motivate you to perform to the best of your ability in your present position, while staying in communication with the One who knows and loves you best. Today pray: 'Lord, I know that where I am right now, isn't where You're taking me. Give me glimpses of Your vision for my future, so that my understanding may grow in accordance with Your timing.

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