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A trip to Barcelona is really worth it if only to see the beautiful buildings created by legendary architect Antoni Gaudi. He believed that as you never see straight lines in nature, architecture with straight lines looks unnatural. Today, we completed one year since we left Dubai! Happy we-left-Dubai anniversary!

Soñando Sunday: Traveling with a backpack or suitcase

Moving out from the United Arab Emirates meant quitting our jobs, emptying our rental apartment, selling almost everything we used to own and starting to explore the world with more time. Just the two of us. Barcelona is a city with startling architecture.

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If you shop online, be sure to verify the dimensions and pay attention to the weight listed. Sometimes that requires looking at more than one source and comparing the specifications. I bought a small backpack this year in hopes of using it for the Village Italy tour.

I found that I couldn't manage it even at a total of 15 pounds and I'm far from petite.

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I am so glad that I defaulted back to my 2 wheeled bag for the trip. I had a hard enough time going up and down slopes with nothing.

I'd still be struggling to get to the bus if I hadn't used that wheeled bag. There are many suitable bags out there. This is my Lipault spinner. My bag is about 5 years old now and I think it's heavier than listed here. I like the shape, simplicity and maneuverability of the Lipault better, but I like all the easy grabbing places on this bag better.

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It's easier to put in the overhead bin on the plane. I prefer U-shaped handles because the Baggallini totes I use for my personal item have zipper pockets that secure them on a U-shaped handle. I've tried the T-shaped handles because they make the bag lighter in the store. Besides being useless for securing the tote it just spins around , I could not hold the handle in any way that didn't hurt.

I haven't been on the Spain tour. Related: What are the most popular tours in Spain?

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  • I take into consideration why I am traveling:.
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    Hotel Ceuta Puerta de Africa. Tryp Melilla Puerto Hotel. Parador de Melilla.

    Parador de Ceuta. Hotel Rusadir. Duerming Aldeaduero. Hostal Central. Hostal Thuami. View all hotels. Top questions about Spain. What personal identification should I carry in Spain? Ideas on how to plan trips to Spain.

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    Do I need a International Driving Permit to drive a hire car?