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This introduction presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters of this book. The book describes the suspicion that the whole sensualist paradigm misses something important which deserves some attention.

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It deals with how to understand nothingness in relation to sense modalities and psyche and analyzes nothingness as the historical character of microgenetic situations. The book argues that despite its many active years, social representation theory has failed to take into account the phenomenon of nothingness.

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It proposes a theoretical account of collective processes of meaning production coming into existence and at some point dissolving back into nonexistence. The book also presents a cultural psychological theoretical dualistic model of the subjective and intentional meaning-making process.

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Chapter contents Book contents. Multisensory Perception. Multisensory Perception From Laboratory to Clinic.

Author links open overlay panel Matthew Fulkerson. Abstract This chapter surveys some of the fundamental philosophical questions that are raised by multisensory interactions.

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Keywords Asian management philosophies Emerging markets West meets East. Research in Global Strategic Management , 16 , Luo Y.

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