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Besides, the people who needed to find him knew where to look. His name was Vin Angel.

Forty-two years old, five foot nine, and weighing pounds, he carried himself in a quick, seemingly aloof manner. This description would have made those who knew Vin laugh. His size, carriage, and manner were familiar to those working in or close to the special operations community. Vin Angel had spent the better part of twenty-one years as an operator.

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The term dated back to the early eighties, when the need for unconventional forces began to expand at a rapid pace. Since then, special operations forces had become an important part of every standing military on earth. The men, and even a few women, who made it through the demanding selection process received training that almost exceeded imagination. Killing was only a small part, albeit an important one, of the training, far from the central focus.

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In truth, these soldiers were trained more in the art of planning, developing, and managing extremely fluid and unstable environments and people in some of the toughest places on earth. They were required to speak at least two languages and be proficient in various specialties. Angel was trained in weapons and communications. Angel had been involved in nearly every major operation in and around the Middle East over the last twenty-five years.

These missions included the destruction of the Iranian nuclear weapons facilities housed feet underground and surrounded with sixty feet of steel-reinforced concrete, as well as hundreds of highly trained Iranian guards. Royal Flush had made news when it was discovered that Syria was preparing to launch a chemical attack on Israel.

Angel and twenty-four handpicked Special Forces soldiers had made a midnight parachute jump into Syria. The jump was actually a HAHO high altitude, high opening deployment. The soldiers jumped from 32, feet and opened their parachutes at 25, feet. This gave them the ability to fly over thirty-five miles undetected into the most secure military facility in Syria.

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Once on the ground, Angel and his men managed to dismantle the communications of the Syrian forces, set explosive charges inside the advanced Scud missiles, and capture the base commander. In the process, they killed eighty-two Syrian soldiers and rescued an American soldier who had gone missing two years earlier during a peace-keeping mission in Iraq.

The small force commandeered a Syrian helicopter and loaded the Soviet heavy-lift chopper to its maximum payload with people and intel. Then Angel and his team flew to Iraq, where they were picked up by US Army CH helicopters and flown to a forward operations base somewhere deeper in the country. The Syrian president was informed a few hours later that his secret base was no longer secret and that the base commander had been shanghaied.

He ordered an immediate launch of the Scuds and full mobilization of the Syrian Army. What happened next could only be described as a bona fide fiasco. The ensuing chaos quickly turned to pandemonium when the rocket fuel ignited and the base was engulfed in flames. These particular Scud warheads had been improved after the earlier versions showed a tendency to break up when they reached the higher altitudes required to strike Israel.

The new and improved versions could withstand heat up to two thousand degrees Fahrenheit. The fuel only reached about twelve hundred degrees in the fires swirling all around them. The warheads performed exactly as they were designed to do, and twenty-seven minutes after the gyros detected the launch, they punched their lethal payloads in all directions.

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The results were devastating to the Syrian base and the city the Syrian Army were using as a shield. Syrian media sources confirmed , casualties, but Angel and those he worked for knew the number was much higher. The area around the base was filled with Syrian families, and United States experts put the number of dead at closer to ,, with another 30 to 40, wounded. They professed to not having had any WMDs and tried to stir up world aggression against their sworn enemies. Many countries screamed at the United States and Israel in public but in private thanked them for stopping another mad leader from pushing the world to the brink of nuclear war.

Israel made it quite clear that it would retaliate with nuclear force in the event any WMD was used on its soil. Vin Angel was secretly decorated for his performance and given a new task to perform. That task led him to where he was currently standing. A small sign on the entry door to his offices read, Parabellum. The door was glass but covered in a gold, reflective tape. The lock opened with a regular key, and inside was a simple touch pad for disengaging the alarm. If anyone took the time to notice, the door was a bit thicker and heavier than most.

The frames were reinforced tungsten steel with Kevlar inserts. The walls were reinforced concrete, and the receptionist area was an enclave of pressure-deflecting architecture designed to channel the pressure from blast waves away from it. The ceiling was a generic, commercial grade acoustic drop, but above it was another layer of Kevlar and hundreds of cans of what the Spec Ops guys called Boom Goo.

It was designed to explode and rapidly fill confined areas, acting as a powerful barrier that would absorb and dampen the concussive forces of explosions and the destructive after effects of falling debris. All in all, the offices of Parabellum were far from ordinary.

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Vin Angel walked into the reception area, and a woman was standing near the reception desk. The woman was Becky Fishburn, or Fiz as everyone called her, and she was obviously waiting for Vin. Sir, you have a secure conference scheduled in fifteen minutes and the pre-mission brief for Team Joshua.

When Fiz reached the door, she placed her thumb on a pad above the handle. The door popped audibly; Fiz opened it up, and Vin followed her in. An elevator door was directly in front of them, and she repeated the bioscan process. The door opened, and before Vin stepped in, he placed his thumb on the bio scanner as well. Failing to do so would activate a preprogrammed security protocol that would leave Fiz and Vin unconscious in the elevator until security forces on hand could come and help.

Fiz pushed the down button on the elevator panel that only had two buttons—up and down. The elevator began to move and Vin turned to Fiz and asked, Is the brief ready to present? The packages contained pertinent details of a mission and were individually prepared for each specific member of the team involved.

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All Parabellum missions were accepted, planned, equipped, and briefed in the same manner as were those of special operations forces SOFs around the world. SOF missions consisted of many different aspects, but all were broken into four basic tenets—command and control, intelligence, supply, and tactical. These four areas overlapped nine other specific components, with the last one tapering down into three. First, was the theater of operations, an intelligence report addressing the country where the mission was scheduled to take place. The intelligence was responsible for creating this report.

Second, the area of operations was a detailed report specific to the actual area where the SOF unit would be deployed. This portion of the mission package presented as much intelligence as possible. Maps, images, and an infinite number of details come into play.

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Indigenous or other contacts, as well as specialized classified information, were disclosed on a need-to-know basis. The third component covered weather. Many aspects of weather need to be known. Depending on the modes of infiltration and exfiltration and the duration of the mission, weather was always a key factor. Once again, intel was responsible. Fourth was equipment. SOFs were trained to operate in virtually any area of the world and in all kinds of weather and other conditions.

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  • To accomplish their missions, these forces used specialized equipment that was always paramount to their success. Supply and logistics experts were tasked with selecting the necessary items. Individual SOF team members, or operators as they were better known, had some latitude in what they carried, but the overall mission profile dictated everything from transportation to meals and even types of ammunition.

    Communications was fifth.