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Generally speaking, the Ohio Grassman meets the description of Bigfoot from other parts of the United States and Canada.

The most notable differences between Grassman and Bigfoot are not in the creature's description but in its habits. Grassman has been seen in groups of up to five individuals which might indicate it is more social than Bigfoot. Further, there are indications that Grassman "cooperatively" hunts deer and either uses caves for dwellings or actually constructs crude dwellings from forest material.

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Grassman is very often seen on farms or near farms. This fact indicates that farms are a main source of food for Grassman often observed in cornfields. Certainly, Ohio's highly agricultural nature is a main reason for this occurrence, however, Grassman has apparently adjusted his lifestyle to suit conditions in Ohio. Bigfoot, conversely, appears to rely mostly on non-cultivated food sources.

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The next month, in broad daylight, the couple observed two hairy bipeds on the same hill. It was only after these reports by the Claytons were made that a startling connection was made.

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Days before the gravel pit incident, the Claytons' German Shepherd was found dead, its neck broken, presumably killed by the hairy beast. The Minerva case, along with its infamous Sasquatch, would form the most complex and important Bigfoot investigation in Ohio's history. Even so, the year was not the first mention of such creatures roaming the Buckeye State.

In the s, Indians native to the Ohio grasslands spoke of a race of bipedal ape-men, referred to as "Wild Ones of the Woods," that lived nearby. The Indians would leave out food for the creatures in an effort to keep peace. Again in the late s, sightings of a similar hairy biped were made by the Ohio River. The hominid had apparently tried to throw a man out of his carriage, but retreated when his daughter, riding as a passenger, threw several stones at it.

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It is unknown whether these are all Grassman sightings or possibly sightings of a similar kind of Bigfoot, and if the latter, how related the two or more species are. From the characteristics above, you can see that Grassman has been sighted by many people proved from differences between each characteristic or possibly other unknown creatures.

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