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Soong Jung-Ki. The story takes place in a mythical land called Arth and see the inhabitants of the ancient city of Arthdal and its surrounding regions, which includes Lark pronounced ie-ark , vie for power as they build a new society. The Neanthal clan is viewed as a monster while the Arthdal Alliance is more sophisticated and civilised, practising agriculture and open to adopting new ideas. But as the Arthdal alliance develops, its need for natural resources and power increases and the fighters raid other tribal lands to expand their power base and increase their productivity. Kim Jee-won.

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For now though, he is considered as an outsider. But with all their sophistication, the people of the Arthdal alliance are unable to dream and consider those who can, like the Neanthal and Igutu, as evil. Tagon leads his army to raid the Wahan and other tribes in Lark area but while Eunseon may appear innocent, his protective instincts are quite strong that he does not hesitate to be aggressive when attacks are imminent. And of course love comes into play through Tanya and Taealha, the latter the most beautiful lady in Arthdal and with the strongest desire for power.

Please evaluate it after watching at least the first two episodes. Director Kim Won-seok. This series is mythical and therefore unpredictable so please just watch the first two episodes. Allied Force is a team of individuals brought together by a single man for a single purpose.

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Tommy J. Lewison-a brilliant scientist, medical doctor, and surgeon-has created the Allied Force, an elite and professional fighting team. Gathering two of his adopted orphans, a host of military and medical specialists, and human and animal mutants from around the globe, Allied Force seeks to rid the world in a very unique way of menace, mayhem, aggression, and evil. This evil is being perpetrated by a group known as the Legion.

The big moment finally arrived. From Topeka, we flew to Bangor, Maine. The good meals were questionable. We had in reality ferried the plane to the war zone. More hurry up and wait were the orders.

Mostly indoctrination. We were told in very stern terms we were not to act like the over paid, over sexed American Servicemen. While we were in North Ireland there was very little work with passes to town every day. Nowhere were the people as friendly as the Irish. The pubs had plenty of stout and ale, fish and chips were the staple food and the Colleens were as pretty as one would expect. I was indeed fortunate, twins, one worked at night, the other during the day. It was tough duty, yet being in the best of health, the courtship of twins was carried out with vigor.

Eileen and Kathaleen Hallahan were pretty, buxom, red-headed lassies who made me the envy of our group. Newcastle was a picturesque little town on the coast with a small pavilion down by the beach. Every afternoon there was a small band of old men who would perform, playing all the old Irish melodies.

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One afternoon after we had been in Newcastle a week or so, there were several of us down near the pavilion enjoying our stout. Hallahan, Gibbs is probably going to marry one of your daughters. We are wondering which one. Gibbs is welcome to marry either. This seemed to come up everywhere I was stationed. It would be a safe statement to say our stay in North Ireland was enjoyed by all.

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We hated to see it come to an end. After two years in the service, I was now in the war. We were assigned to the th Bomb Squadron. Before being shot down on January 28, , I also served in the th and th Bomb squadrons. Again, hurry up and wait, more training, going to gunnery range in Scotland was to be the program for several days. After over a year I am assigned to the same BG and squadron as my first crew. Leaving the club we were walking across a ball field when, lo and behold, we meet my old co-pilot, Williamson from Fort Smith, Arkansas.

He was as surprised as I. Williamson, a Second Lt. He told me that when the crew arrived at the 93rd, within a couple of months, Turner was made a lead pilot, and he and the navigator were pulled from the crew to make up another crew with himself as first pilot. The arrangement was beautiful yet on a mission crossing into France, Turner was hit in the bomb bay by flak. The plane exploded with only one man getting out of the plane.

Shortly after this incident the th sustained heavy losses, so heavy that Williamson was promoted to Major and made CO of the th for a short time. Promotions came fast in those days. During the first couple of weeks in the 93rd, Naifeh, Croom, and I tried to drink the island dry of stout.

Chinberg would sip on one or two, always leading us back to Quonset Hut. If we were on a short pass to town, he was sure to get us back to base. The reason for the absence of flak and fighters was that Germany had pulled all their guns and planes back into Germany to protect the Fatherland. The big day arrived! Report to briefing. Unfortunately I do not remember when we flew our first mission.

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Reiterating, all flights I made were to targets in Germany. The first mission, as all air force missions, was a success to all crews a successful mission was one where you made it back to the base in England. On the morning of the briefing we were told that when we headed into our bomb run there would be over guns trained on us.

Tears appeared in many eyes, no doubt urine in several flight suits. With a 90mph tail wind we unloaded the largest load of explosives ever known to man.

When we returned to base, it was on to the debriefing and a double shot of bourbon. Some of the crew was too upset or disturbed to use their bourbon, therefore Croom, Naifeh, and I had to gladly assist. After several hours on oxygen and about 3 double bourbons, you could almost flay your arms and fly.

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Three day passes to London for needed R and R rest and relaxation. We also took time to visit several of the pubs and clubs.

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  • She was a charmer that all the fellows liked. Our beloved pilot, Cook, tried to cut in on me with the WAF.

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    We made appropriate plans for my next visit to London. Back to the 93rd and more tough missions in store. About this time our group led an attack on Kassel. This mission was a success as far as our crew was concerned, yet it was a disaster for the 93rd. We did lose some planes on that raid.